Internet Cowboy

by Nick Randall



You used to sing
every single note
you'd let imagination
sow it's wild oats

Now you've got an out
Your memorizing facts
Seeing other boys behind my back

You used to laugh
at every single joke
you'd fall in love with strangers
stepping out for smokes

now you've got an out
from doing it alone
driven by devices
and i've got to make it known

i don't want to be an internet cowboy
i just want to see us look outside today
every lull in conversation lifted
just a click away
and now we don't have anything to say

you always said
"everything is fine"
but now the saddest movie
doesn't make you cry
now you're getting bored
i see it in your eyes
graduating to a new design

you saw the gray
potential of a dream
but now there's nothing if it
isn't on a screen

and i hope i don't succumb
to heart resides in thumbs
and head is constant downward til
the neck is getting numb


released March 23, 2017



all rights reserved


Nick Randall Buffalo, New York

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